Sample Projects


A Fortune 500 Software Company *

  • The CEO hired our team to mentor the senior executive team to think more strategically.  The engagement took several years, and we demonstrated how to create a strategic process within the company, and implemented it.  We worked with the senior team until they were self-sufficient in this regard.
  • We also advised the VP responsible for the Telecom business unit on how to grow his unit more rapidly and helped his team build a detailed plan to do so.
  • The client decided to enter the healthcare business, and we advised the newly-hired leader on a wide range of issues.
  • We were asked for help in thinking through a number of merger/acquisition strategies throughout our multi-year assignment period.

A Medium-Sized Film Company*

  • We advised the CEO and some Board members through a difficult ownership transition period, funding issues and financial matters.

A VC-Funded Social Media Start-Up*

  • We were brought in by the funding VC to help the founding entrepreneur evolve from a technological idea through a saleable product.
  • We also worked with the VC to help obtain additional funding.

A Leading Telecommunications Company *

  •  A Vice President engaged us to aid in the acquisition of 8-9 public and private companies, and their subsequent integration.
  • We worked with their team to help identify targets, prepare due diligence, and to advise the management team as acquisitions were integrated.

A Major Accounting Firm*

  • We worked with their partners and counsel to advise on a wide range of intangible software intellectual property issues.
  • We helped them build courtroom-ready techniques to determine value related to intangible software assets.

A Social Media Pre-Profit Company*

  • We were brought in by the CEO and Board to advise on efficiency and approaches to reach profitability.

A Database Utility Start-up*

  • We were hired by the CEO to advise on a wide range of business and partnership issues, and were involved in two rounds of fund-raising.

An Operating System Utility Company*

  • We were hired by the CEO to provide a range of business advice and aided with fundraising.

A 3D Studio*

  • The CEO and Board brought us in to help advise on how to start a new line of business using extensions to their existing assets.

A Media Software Company*

  • We advised on numerous issues and helped them resolve some difficult problems that were heading towards litigation.



* Our standard confidentiality agreements with clients and portfolio firms does not permit disclosure of their names.  Most clients simply do not want the public to know that they need external help of the nature that we provide.  We attach our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and with your signature, we can disclose some client names.